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Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriages Fail: "savingmarriage1

Understanding why marriages fail is complicated, given how unique a particular relationship can be. That said, there are still certain problems that pop up again and again in relationships that buckle."


Creating Meaningful Relationships

Creating Meaningful Relationships:
Stand the test of time together

Relationship - Saying I Love You

Relationship - Saying I Love You: "
Most of us who are in relationships, love to hear from our partner that we are appreciated, and that we are very valuable for them and that they love us. But after some time in the relationship, most of us forget to say- I love you to our partner. The daily routine makes the relationship dull and people begin taking others feelings for granted.

At such times and even otherwise saying I love you can be of great value. That can rekindle the romance. That can bring the fire back in life. How to say- I love you most effectively? How to make it sound romantic and also convey the meaning that you appreciate your partner very much?

Observe your volume, tone and the place where are saying that. A hug and a whisper in the ear can be great. Equally good can be meeting the other person eye to eye and saying I love you with great warmth in the voice. Say I love you to your partner whenever you can, make it sound very special and gift them the love that you have for them in your heart.

Let your words say that you care very much for your partner. Show it with actions such as sharing chores or giving a gift. Go out on a dinner and say - I love you.

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